Vertex Technology is principally engaged in designing, developing, merchandising and providing party and festivity products. Our Company engages in local retail and wholesale business, with showroom and office in HK.

To provide better customer services and enhance competitiveness, the Company focuses on adopting product trends and collaborating with its customers on product design and development. In selling its products, the Company is able to maximize the value of our customers by providing high quality ancillary customer services including product design and development, raw material sourcing, factory sourcing, production, order tracking and logistics.

We emphasize on product design and development, many resource were spent to study the market trends including seasonal concept, material and colour fashion, etc. Industrial design and trial production processes are integrated in the Company’s product design and development process such that new product designs can be tested and improved to economize the use of raw materials and streamline production processes to achieve cost effectiveness as well as functionality.