I love the product of your company, where can I buy it?

Vertex is a manufacture-based company and have no retail services. Our products are sold to US, Europe and Australia retailers such as dollar shops, discount stores or supermarkets. You can go there to buy them.

Could I purchase 100 sets of your S/8 Christmas 9” Paper Plate?

Vertex is a manufacture-based company and produce product by scale of economy. Please kindly note that there would be a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for each item, please contact our sales representative to check for the MOQ for the S/8 Christmas 9” Paper Plate.

It is required by my Country that all imported goods should be tested for fire resistance, can you do this?

In general, our quotations do not include testing fees, as different clients require different tests and different compliance criteria. However, we can arrange for such tests if you mention in the purchase order.

If I buy your product now, when can I receive the goods?

In general, upon approval of the samples, it takes 1~2 months for manufacturing process before shipping. But different products have different production lead time, please check with our operation department for delivery arrangement.

Do you provide OEM services? I would like to print my own artwork on the paper plate.

Yes, of course. But please note that there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each item.


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